Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


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So I'm just getting ready to go out tonight for Laurel's birthday.
Unfortunately the food truck festival we were going to is rained out!
So we have a back plan (that may be MrAttorneys latest recommendation to me...well latest as before we stopped hanging out)...fingers crossed that I don't see him.

Especially since he texted me this afternoon.
To say "found these".
And by these he meant a bottle of Vitamin C and Zinc I had brought him 3 months ago when he was sick.
Then when I got sick a month later he couldn't find them among his packed boxes from moving.
I teased him that he always lost things.
Well I guess he eventually found them.
And texted me a pic.
Seriously what the heck am I supposed to do with that?
(I didn't respond in case you're wondering).

And in other whattheheck news today.
Remember MrDentalSurgeon from last year.
It totally fizzled out at the end of last summer.
He texted me today, "Que pasa Miss Teagan.  How have you been ? :)"
What the heck is going on with my life?

Oh and I have a date Thursday.
My life is total chaos!


  1. Sounds like MrAttorney is looking for excuses to communicate with you. I think I'd respond-to both the sheets text and this one-in a jokey, flirty way, but I'd also continue dating other people. Maybe it will make him jealous and make a decision. If it doesn't, and he's all "hey that's awesome, hope you find what you're looking for" then obviously nothing will make him make things official. Even though it's not what you want really, you could end up with a good friend. And someday it might be handy to have a friend who is an attorney.

    Have fun on Thursday though!

  2. This isn't going to help at all, but my first reaction was almost the opposite of Beth' I think it's time to be a little sharper with him. You're mad about this, you're mad because he is being a douche, and he should know it. So far, he's waffled, and you've told him that you want something more but that basically you'll wait for him to make up his mind and indulge his bizarre "Oh not now, but maybe..." approach to your relationship. I think it's time to be more forceful...and maybe swear a little bit. Like "What the fuck is your problem? I told you I didn't want to hear from you until you were willing to approach this as a meaningful adult relationship. You can either grow up or find someone else that will either put up with your shit or accept being jerked around. I don't care about your fucking vitamins."

    At least you'll know he got the message. I just think it's time to stop torturing yourself and acknowledge that he's not the person you were hoping he is. So, unless you really do want to just be friends (which I don't believe!) then it's time to move on and hopefully enjoy the date on Thursday! yet? :-)

  3. ^^^ I like that response, too. :)

    I'm at outsider just reading about this and the way *I* would handle this situation varies with each of your posts/day of the week. I can only imagine how confusing, frustrating, and fed up YOU must be, since you're having to live this BS. It sucks that you're having to go through this. At this point, I probably would have given up, said screw the dating thing, and started acting like a guy. I dunno, maybe dating like a guy would be the trick?

  4. First, y'all are the best. No seriously.
    Second, I totally waiver on what to do. Sometimes I want to reply all flirty like I'm cool and easy breezy and it doesn't bother me. But sometimes I want to flip out and drop F-bombs and be like please stop torturing me. Really I mean I only want him to message me if he wants to be in a serious relationship (and I suck to actually hope this may be the case). I know I definitely cannot be his friend (I've never been able to do that post dating).
    Third, I wish I could start acting like a guy but I can't because I am the type that falls too hard and too fast. I find it super exhausting to juggle a bunch of guys at once as well. (Though a part of me wishes I could).
    Forth, sometimes it feels so so SO impossible. I don't know sometimes how there remains a spark so teeny tiny of hope that someday I will get to be with someone who is just crazy about me (and just a little bit more than I into them). Gosh do I ever want that but some days I can't find that spark of hope and that makes me sad.
    PS your guys advice is amazing and thank you!

  5. But it DOES bother you, and there is no reason to pretend like it doesn't! There is no need to "act like a guy" or do anything else that is are who you are, you want what you want, and the only person you are going to be happy with is someone who knows that and wants the same thing.

    He doesn't want a serious relationship, and he isn't going to change his mind any time soon. This isn't a case of you being a crazy girl and wanting a commitment on a first've spent plenty of time together for an adult to make a reasonable decision on whether or not this is a person you want to be with. For him, the answer is "no", and he's just too much of a pussy to admit it (or, he hopes to keep you around as long as you will stick around without an answer.) Whether that is because he is just too selfish to want a girlfriend, or there is something about you specifically that he doesn't want is totally beside the point. All that matters is that there is no relationship to be had here, and you will simply be torturing yourself if you try to create one.

    As women, we are afflicted with a terrible problem: we inherently want the guys that don't want us, precisely because they don't. I'm not even sure it's totally a female problem, or even totally a relationship problem (we all want the job that doesn't want us...), but we all seem to get stuck on guys that want something else. And frankly, if we wanted them less, they'd probably want us more...

    The right guy will be the one that makes you not care about that. You'll just want to be with him, probably because he also wants to be with you. You'll lose track of and not care about who likes who most or is ready to commit more or faster.

  6. @Accidentally Me- Your response is brilliant and your second paragraph is the exact same advice I get from Taylor. I mean sometimes its the advice I don't want to be need to hear lol :)